B-sides with various bassists before replacing him with Gail Greenwood in early 1993, after the release of their debut.

Star, the band's debut album, was released in early 1993 and immediately became an alternative hit, selling more than all the previous Muses and Breeders releases combined. "Feed the Tree," the first single from the album became a hit and the group embarked on a succesful tour that ran throughout 1993. Several other alternative radio hits followed, including "Slow Dog" and "Gepetto."

Belly returned in 1995 with King, their first album recorded with Greenwood. King failed to meet the high expectaions raised by Star. "Now They'll Sleep" became a moderate hit on alternative radio, as did "Superconnected," but the album didn't sell in numbers comparable to Star, slipping out of the charts two months after its release.

Band summary by Stephen Thomas Erlwine in All Music Guide to Rock (1995)

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