Star - 1993 (continued)

5 Stars - Very Good - "...Donelly and her mates render a haunting avant-folk-rock sound that provides sonic and psychic space for Donelly's surreal meditations on birth, mortality and sexual longing..." -- Rolling Stone (4/93)

4 Stars - Excellent - "...erotic, funny and direct....repeatedly evokes the terror as well as the magical innocence of fairy tales..." -- Q Magazine (3/93)

Ranked #3 in Melody Maker's list of the `Albums Of The Year' for 1993 - "...Magical...." -- Melody Maker (1/94)

"You can put the album on while you make breakfast, bounce around to it before you go out and still save it for the soul-searching moments in the wee hours..." -- New Musical Express (2/93)

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