King - 1995 (continued)

King is a working exercise of everything Donelly learned over the years. Echoes of Hersh's polarities (ethereal verses with ricocheting breaks) and hints of Deal's hankering for looming guitar passages dot King's landscape. However, King is Donelly's show. While she writes songs with other Belly members, it's Donelly's quirky time signatures and cryptic observations that shine through clearest.

"Red" neatly captures Belly's elegance. Shimmering, graceful chords beckon on a lurching bridge where Donelly and Greenwood alternately yelp and coo chewy-center lyrics like "mouth like Venus/mountain like Vesuvius." King brings Donelly's pop leanings to light, while keeping her alternative rock foundations in focus. Belly is reaching its potential, King proves it.

Recorded at Compass Point Studios, Nassau, Bahamas.

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