Pod - 1990

(Pod) ... was much richer than most one-shot records. Taking a little from both the Pixies and Throwing Muses, the Breeders invent an indie-rock style of their own -- a sparse, dreamy, elliptical take on guitar pop. While Pod may rely on the sheer uniqueness of the band's spare, raw sound, the album wouldn't be nearly as successful if it wasn't for the band's exceptional songwriting. From the wonderful, slow guitar grind of "Glorious" and "Iris," Pod is full of original guitar-pop pleasures. -- Stephen Thomas Erlwine in All Music Guide to Rock (1995)

Ranked #86 in AP's list of the `Top 99 Of '85-'95' - "... Pod's a bizarre, intense, hypnotic album, and it [gets] you thinking that maybe ol' Black whatever-his-name wasn't the only chap worth his weight in sludge from New Jersey....The whole darn thing moans and gets better as the sky gets darker and your lover's away longer..." -- Alternative Press (7/95)

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