Creative tensions between the two songwriters rose until Tanya left in 1992 to play with The Breeders and ultimately form Belly. That year Hersh reformed the Muses with drummer David Narcizo and released the band's fourth album, Red Heaven. After that, Hersh released a solo album and toured extensively, leaving fans to wonder about the status of the Muses. In 1995, however, Hersh and the rest of the Muses (Narcizo and bassist Bernard Georges) released University, one of the band's most cohesive and accessible efforts. Though Throwing Muses have had little commercial success throughout their career, they have released some of the most challenging and genuine music of recent years -- and hopefully will continue to do so.

Band summary by Heather Phares in All Music Guide to Rock (1995)

Throwing Muses released Limbo in 1996. Although a solid effort, the band succumbed to financial pressures during 1997 and called it quits. Hersh has returned to solo work and it's possible the Muses catalog could be re-issued in collector format in 1998.

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