House Tornado/The Fat Skier - 1988

House Tornado is a more melodic take on Throwing Muses' challenging style. Hersh's vocals are commanding and varied, especially on "Colder" and "Saving Grace" But the Muses pop side surfaces more on this album than on their previous work, particularly on tracks like "Juno," "Run Letter," and on Donelly's "Giant." Like their debut, this album is an acquired taste, but an ultimately rewarding one.

Like the Chains Changed EP, this release is hard to find, on its own, but it is included on the import version of House Tornado. Some of their most commanding music is included, like the mesmerizing, "A Feeling" and Donelly's "Pools in Eyes." The punky "Garaux De Larmes" and wrenching "She Wolf After the War" make this a concise but accurate sample of the Muses' variety.

Heather Phares in All Music Guide to Rock (1995)

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