"I Believe In Moon Landings"

Even though you're hitched, Lovesongs For Underdogs is way pessimistic about lurve. "I'm realistic about love. People shape love into what they want love to be and it always bounces back to its natural shape and smashes you out of the way. I called the album Lovesongs For Underdogs because the words sound kind and sweet and funny. It's not a heavy title at all." What was your wedding like?

"Dean [Fisher, ex-Juliana Hatfield Three] and I got married in a little non-denominational chapel on the water in Rhode Island. It was a really small thing - just blood relations only. I didn't wear a big white frock, it was more of a full-length cocktail dress which was champagne coloured and I had birds of paradise in my hair. It was certainly a landmark day of my life."

You're a self-confessed 'sci-fi girl' and the album's working title was 'Manna From Mars'. What's with the space obsession?

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