And as ever, she's on the underdog's side. But an underdog herself? Surely another smokescreen? There are moments of sadness (the melancholy "Acrobat", underscored by cello, makes you want to hold her tight and tell her everything will be all right always), but overall she sounds braver and more magnificent than ever. The way she sweeps and coos through these songs, murmurs, blows hot and cold in a moment, it's impossible to keep up with her.

Lovesongs For Underdogs sounds like Donelly standing at the centre of her life wondering how she got there. She seems as confused as the rest of us ... only, you can't help suspecting that it's all part of her masterplan. Trust her to try and throw us off the scent. More bewitching than Elizabeth Montgomery (twitchy nose and all), the mistress of disguise has struck again. -- Tania Branigan Melody Maker (9/97)

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