Joseph G. Thomas
+1 415 377 8453
605 Peralta Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94110

Web application developer.

Tellme Networks, Mountain View, California.

Consultant, January 2003-May 2003

Designed an HTTP-based data server API for communication between a VoiceXML platform and the Oracle data store, and implemented the API using mod_perl/Apache/DBI. Worked with DBA to optimize Oracle schema for replication and failover. Created Perl wrapper for audio codec library (written in C) to allow streaming of compressed audio to telephony boxes. Used CVS-based versioning, configuration, and deployment system to set up production hardware.

Telephia, San Francisco, California.

Consultant, May 2000-November 2001

Developed key features of extranet system, including automated email alerts to customers and a usage analysis tool. Wrote Java classes and JSP pages for WebLogic application server, as well as PL/SQL stored procedures for Oracle 8i. Used XML over HTTP to exchange data between the Java-based extranet, and the Perl-based email alert system. Used databeacon to implement an extranet usage analysis tool, and created views in Oracle to act as data cubes for the databeacon server. Optimized Microsoft SQL Server database to allow rapid geographically-defined queries on a large (>100M record) database of wireless network quality measurement. Automated FTP download, file integrity checking, and data import to Microsoft SQL Server, using Perl, DBI, and ODBC on a Windows 2000 Server platform. Created dynamic menus for help desk using Remedy Action Request System. Networks.

Senior Web Developer, August 1997-December 1999
Consultant, January 2000-January 2001

Developed member registration and login system for users of's network of sites, using Perl, mod_perl, and Oracle. This single-login system encompasses multiple services (chat, message boards, free email) that previously had their own separate member databases. Merged membership databases consisting of hundreds of thousands of users, to accommodate corporate mergers and acquisitions. Worked extensively with corporate partners to integrate membership systems. Led a team of developers that rapidly developed, a customized home page for content.

U.S. Department of Justice Antitrust Division, Alexandria, Virginia.

Senior Intranet Analyst, February 1997-June 1997

Redesigned and reorganized pages of Intranet. Installed and configured Windows NT 4.0 IIS Web server. Trained users in maintaining pages using Microsoft FrontPage. Implemented NT security for Web authors and participants in Web-based discussion forums. Used Internet Database Connector (IDBC) to create searchable phone directories for department and division. Prototyped a Web-based case tracking system using IDBC to connect to a large Oracle database; assisted in re- implementing the system in PL/SQL on Oracle's Web Server after ODBC proved to be a performance bottleneck. Wrote programs in Perl, JavaScript, and WinBatch scripting language to glue together existing systems, including Netscape and GroupWise e-mail.

Web Wonder, Alexandria, Virginia.

Vice President, Technology, March 1996-January 1997

In charge of all technical aspects of a start-up Web site design and Internet consulting business. Wrote CGI programs, primarily in Perl, to implement database searches, e-mail forms, and other server- side functions on clients' Web servers. Worked with graphic designers to implement their ideas in efficient, quick-downloading HTML pages. Administered cross-platform network using open source tools.

Olympus Group, Alexandria, Virginia.

Manager of Systems Engineers, May 1995-February 1996

Created CGI programs in Perl and Visual Basic. Worked with client to design a password-protected Web-based front-end for sales representatives in the field to gain access to corporate information stored in an existing Microsoft Access database. Implemented this program in Visual Basic on a Windows NT platform running Netscape Commerce Server. Deployed firewall software. Developed a Web-based threaded discussion forum in Perl.

The MITRE Corporation, Center for Advanced Aviation System Development, McLean, Virginia.

Associate Technical Staff, March 1993-May 1995

For an Information Reuse project, developed automated system for continuous conversion of over 3,000 Microsoft Word and PowerPoint documents for use in a highly successful World-Wide Web-based resource discovery system. One of the most popular resources, this database has now captured in a full-text searchable archive over a year of correspondence and briefings from MITRE's Center for Advanced Aviation System Development. Oversaw entire process -- from meeting with support staff to define procedures for capturing documents, to implementation of conversion routines on PC and Unix platforms, to "packaging" converter with a Visual Basic front-end for hand-off to Corporate Information Systems for future maintenance.

Other work on Information Reuse project includes HTML authoring and home page development, writing Web server back-end scripts in Perl, awk, and various Unix shell languages, and maintaining small searchable databases. Frequently lent out to other organizations within MITRE as an expert on setting up WWW clients and servers on Unix, Macintosh, and PC platforms.


University of Virginia, B.A. Chemistry, May 1992