Woodland Sean G. Thomas

Content Development

Although I've concentrated on Web production and information architecture for the last several years, my education and prior work experience is as a journalist. The last published articles I wrote were back in 1998, but I've written a few music reviews for Web sites since then and have more articles in the works.

Click on the following links to see examples of my work:

  • Achieve E-zine: A series of articles I wrote for CareerBuilder's online magazine (which now seems to be defunct).

  • Music Reviews: Some articles I wrote for Scene magazine in Washington, DC back in the mid-'90s, with links to newer pieces.

  • Net News: A regular column of Web site round-ups from six-plus years ago, written for Futures Industry magazine while I was an assistant editor there. (I've removed the links to the sites discussed, as I assume they're way past their shelf-life...)

  • Miscellaneous: The best of the rest...

For other written works, please visit my Fiction page.