Woodland Sean G. Thomas

Web Usability

While Web production is still my main source of contract work, since 1999 I have worked as lead on a number of Web usability projects. Several of these have been retrofitted "facades" on existing site content, but others have involved very complex interactions and required a real understanding of Web usability guidelines.

Click on the names of my clients to see examples of my work:

  • Bank of America: My first information architecture project, in conjunction with Agency.com

  • wine.com: After working on production work there for several years, in the summer of 2000 I redesigned the flow of their checkout process

  • NOCpulse: A managed service provider (since purchased by Red Hat Networks) that monitored the health of their customers' servers. I redesigned the administration process for their customers and incorporated it into their main product, the NOCpulse Command Center