Woodland Sean G. Thomas

Web Usability: wine.com

In the summer of 1999, after having worked at Virtual Vineyards as a full-time employee for 18 months, I returned on a contract basis to help them launch a redesigned version of their site; towards the end of the redesign, Virtual Vineyards acquired the wine.com name, and the newly renamed and redesigned site launched that fall. (The Production section of my portfolio includes screen captures of the work I performed during that project.)

The following summer, I returned to assist in a redesign of the checkout process, which I had helped produce the previous year. The goal of the redesign was to make each page of the checkout process as simple and efficient as possible, to provide the customer with information on their order at the specific time they needed it, and and to group similar functions together to eliminate redundancy.

The wine.com domain name is now owned by eVineyard.com and is an entirely different site than the one that I worked on, but the schematics for the previous site's checkout pages can be found below. Click on an image for a larger version of the same (which will open in a new window).

wine.com checkout process flowchart (click for larger image)

Process Flowchart: details interrelation between the following schematics

wine.com checkout process Login page (click for larger image)

Login: offers options for both old (Virtual Vineyards) and new customers, with pop-up help option and order summary at bottom

wine.com checkout process Addresses page (click for larger image)

Addresses: collects all addresses, both billing and shipping, in a single step, and consolidates some address book functionality

wine.com checkout process Gift Options page (click for larger image)

Gift Options: Optional step, displays items which can be wrapped, wrapping options and text entry fields for gift card

wine.com checkout process Payments page (click for larger image)

Payments & Charges: lists itemized costs, collects payment and gift credit information, and recalculates cost based on selected shipping option

wine.com checkout process Final Approval page (click for larger image)

Final Approval: Restates all customer info prior to sale, displays legal requirements by state in pop-up window, asks for confirmation that customer is of legal age

wine.com checkout process Confirmation page (click for larger image)

Confirmation: Confirms that order has been received, provides confirmation number and contact info, offers multiple paths to place part or all of previous order again or continue shopping