Woodland Sean G. Thomas

Site Production

Although I've enjoyed my recent Information Architecture projects, Web production work is still my bread and butter. I frequently work with third-party graphic artists to develop a page design in Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, and use JavaScript, cascading style sheets and Dynamic HTML to turn an art file into a robust page template.

I'm equally comfortable working on Windows, Mac and Unix platforms. I often work closely with engineering teams in a development environment, and have worked with JSP pages often enough to be able to write basic conditional code.

Click on the names of my clients to see examples of my work:

  • wine.com: e-Commerce site where I worked full-time for several years and worked as a contractor on several occasions after

  • eCaravan: B2B startup, now defunct, where I developed an early-stage product demo

  • Enfos: environmental start-up still in development, where I worked with designer Jennifer Long to develop a two-tiered navigation bar which allows for easy navigation to all second-tier pages

  • Site Production Links: Unlike the examples above, most of my past production work can be seen online